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Whether you are two or 102, your smile makes life better, brighter, more fun! We have made it our job to help our friends and neighbors of all ages find – and keep – ideal oral health so you can fill your your days with laughter, grins, chuckles, teehees… well, you get the point!

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Have you ever been sitting in a doctor or dentist’s office, a clipboard on your knee, feeling nervous about your upcoming visit? We’ve been there too. That’s why we have designed everything about K Dental to be warm, personal, and on schedule. Individualized customer service isn’t just jargon here – it is our mission.

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It starts with your first phone call and continues when you walk through the doors of our tranquil office. We greet you, help you get settled, even offer a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and at ease. Your wait won’t be long; usually not even long enough to finish your drink! Though we hurry to get you in, once you are in the chair, we take all the time you need. Your care is never rushed.

Integrity, Experience, Friendship
Integrity, Experience, Friendship

Our skilled team gets to know you
as the important person you are.
Why not get to know us too?


We want to hear you say,
“Oh wow! I never thought
things could be this way!”

Gentle general care
Gentle general care


We’re here to keep
you healthy


Smiling never felt
so beautiful


Get things
straightened out