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Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Without Hesitation

Everyone wants a vivid, dazzling smile they can be proud of. We understand that hiding your teeth is no way to live. K Dental is here to help you emphasize your smile’s natural beauty, and even add a little encouragement when necessary. Our cosmetic dentistry services offer you a wide range of choices so you can make the right decisions regarding your oral health. From full mouth restorations to simple composite bonding, there’s no job too big or too small. Our special Whitening for Life program ensures your smile will always be sparkling.

Porcelain Veneers

Get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted by opting for porcelain veneers. Veneers are a great solutions for chips, cracks, and discolorations. Veneers are a simple way to get a great smile, and the process is easy. First, we prepare your natural tooth for bonding, then, a thin piece of expertly shaded porcelain is adhered to the surface of the tooth. Your smile will be brighter, more even, and better than ever.

In-Office Veneers

Similar to traditional porcelain veneers, minimal prep veneers can reshape the design of your teeth and fix a variety of cosmetic issues. This type of veneer requires less preparation of your natural enamel before the veneer is placed, therefore making it a less invasive procedure. Our staff will evaluate your needs and determine if you are a candidate for minimal prep veneers.

Full-Mouth Restoration

The thought of undergoing a full-mouth restoration can be scary. Our expert team will help you each step of the way, to bring back your healthy mouth and experience the change in your smile. Full-mouth restorations focus on each individual tooth, fixing issues tooth by tooth. Along with changing your smile, full-mouth restorations often help reduce pain associated with popping jaws, tension headaches, and back spasms.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is an option for patients who are in need of restorations, but are unable to accept traditional therapies. If your teeth don’t have enough healthy enamel to support certain restorations, you may want to consider crown lengthening. This procedure is also great for patients with gum disease, as it shrinks the gum pockets and makes them easier to clean. We perform all crown lengthening procedures in our office, so you can relax in a familiar environment.

Gum Recontouring

Looking for dramatic results from a simple procedure? Consider gum recontouring. Our team will reshape your gum tissue, exposing more of your natural enamel to brighten your smile. By skillfully sculpting the tissue around your gum line, your smile instantly becomes more even.

Composite Bonding

If you aren’t ready to commit to veneers, or you just need to fix a few little issues, composite bonding may be the right choice. It requires very little preparation of your tooth, and is a simple solution for closing small gaps or fixing cracks. Composite bonding is a great way for Forest Hill patients to make their smiles dazzle.

Tooth Recontouring

Have teeth that appear uneven? Do they overlap? Tooth recontouring can fix a variety of problems, including irregularly shaped teeth or those that are too long. Even a small amount of tooth recontouring can make a big impact when it comes to making your smile more vivid and intense. Be proud to smile.

Smile Whitening

K Dental is the place to go for bright, white, sparkling smiles. We have everything your teeth need to recover from the factors of discoloration they are subjected to daily. We use KöR Deep Bleaching system in our office. We can even fit you for custom whitening trays if you’d prefer to whiten at home.


Consider our Whitening for Life program, which gives you a free tube of Opalescence 16% or 22% gel every six months.